About Us

As a result of prevailing conditions and the lack of supporting structures / opportunities, many children and youths and young adults have not been able to pursue their career dreams.  Because of the lack of training facilities and opportunities, many lives have fallen by the way side into frustration and unfulfilled potential.  

The Creating Pathways Centre was established in Sierra Leone in June 2015 - in response to this need.  The Centre provides support services primarily to children and youths - but also to adults. Our goal is to level the field, creating pathways that lead to greater opportunities and empowerment.  

We are providing access to key technology resources, training and personal development opportunities.  Through these resources, the lives of our beneficiaries are being improved and empowered.  Their lives are enhanced and they are pursuing their dreams.

Creating Pathways is a project implemented by Develop Africa, Sierra Leone, in partnership with Develop Africa, Inc. Develop Africa is a 501c3 non profit organization, headquartered in Tennessee, USA

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