Creating Pathways Lessons

The girls learned how to Create a Table of Contents in Word 2010.  This included a demonstration and practicals on the following:
1.  Create different levels of headings inside the document.
2. Insert a table of content at the beginning of the document. 
2.  How to Update Table of Contents - headings and page numbers

March Studies Update at the Centre

The young ladies in the Centre are doing well and working hard. The JSS classes are learning about:

  • multiplication in Mathematics, 
  • prepositions in Language Art, and 
  • types of energy in Integrated Science.

The SSS classes are working on: 

Develop Africa was Top Ranked Non Profit Organization on GlobalGiving in 2015

In 2015, Develop Africa (the primary partner organization that founded this Centre) was in the top 20% ranking of partners on GlobalGiving in 2015.  We were an active, approved, top-ranked nonprofit in GlobalGiving's network in 2015.  

Special thanks to all staff and partners who helped make this happen.



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