Trainees Are Making Progress & Lab is Now Connected to the Internet

We are together continuing to empower youths through the provision of computer training.

Thankfully, in November, we were finally able to connect the computer lab to the Internet. This was a huge milestone. This means that we can offer a new and wider range of opportunities to the trainees. The monthly subscription cost is a little less than $200 a month.
We currently have 30+ ladies that are coming to the center for computer training from three different organizations as follows:

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Helping Girls Progress With Their Education - This is HUGE

Thanks to your support, 2 girls - Baindu and Theresa, who had dropped out of school are now able to go to school again.  This is HUGE and we are super excited about this!

We have been able to provide them scholarships to cover the costs of books, coaching classes and transportation.  We greatly appreciate your ongoing support that enables more girls to complete their education and have a better future.

In this video, Baindu and Theresa express their gratitude to YOU for helping them with their education.

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One Year Summary of Activities - Successes and Progress Accomplished

It's been more than a full year since we launched the CPC in May 2015.  Over the past year we have offered a range of courses including Psycho-Social Counseling, Christian Counseling, English Language, Literature, Government, History, Computer Studies, Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Career Talk, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Economics. With the supervision of the Program Manager and help of the volunteers we have been able to accomplish the following:

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Scholarships Helping Young Moms

Mariama, Mary and Susan were very appreciative of the partial scholarships that you provided.  We were not able to reach 2 of the ladies. So funds raised were distributed to two of the original ladies and one substitution, Mary.

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