Building Self Esteem and Core Skills

The school has been going on successfully despite the numerous challenges we are having with attendance due to the rains and transportation constrains. Miss. Conteh treated Christian Counseling on the topic SELF ESTEEM with both Junior and Senior School.

Celebrating The Progress of The Girls

Girls in Class

As each week passes by, we celebrate the progress the girls are making in their pregnancy journey. They have been dealing with morning sickness, transportation challenges, and a mindset of self-resignation - among other things. The sessions and times of sharing have given us a new perspective into their world. 

Losing girls: post Ebola in Sierra Leone

The effects of Ebola on Sierra Leone will be felt long after the country is declared Ebola-free, and girls are being particularly ostracized and stigmatized.

Goal Setting and Success Stories

This update covers Goal Setting and Success Stories.

Goal Setting; it was observed that most of the ladies are not fully aware of what goals are and how to set one. Given the opportunity, they came up with diverse definitions that emphasized the need for such subject. They were tutored on what goals are, why set goals and the dynamics involved.


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