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Creating Pathways is Making a Difference

When given the opportunity to express the impact of the pathways center, majority of them expressed their gratitude for the learning opportunity that provided a friendly atmosphere for them.  They expressed their desires of accomplishing goals they once thought impossible such as being lawyers, business women, accountant etc.   It is worth noting that this investment is worth every penny as lives are being transformed through the power of learning in an enabling environment.

The last couple of weeks have been very exciting with plenty of energy and commitment displayed by the ladies. It has been a period of unlocking some of their potentials through the counseling sessions, one on one interaction with the center team management and through their continuous engagement with their tutors. English language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Integrated science and most recently Economics, Accounting,  Government and History have been added to their curriculum. 

The girls were given the opportunity to understand grammatical basics like concord, parts of speech, adjectives and verbs. It is hoped that these basics will enrich their knowledge as we prepare them for next academic year. History was introduced with the view of helping those girls in the arts stream align with the learning patterns. Alongside government, the girls were introduced to basic introductions of the subject matter. 

Social Studies was also covered during this period with the focus on man and his environment and the Ecosystem. The objective was to foster understanding of the ecosystem as a key essential in the study of man in his environment. The sessions on mathematics were based on corrections, practical class work and revision of previous topics. Earlier on the girls were taught logarithms, basic addition and subtraction for the junior class and the basics of solving problems. 

We decided to make provision for girls in the commercial stream so as to get them to be actively involved and to keep their interest in the program by introducing Economics and Accounting. Definitions, importance and accounting equation were all taught. The basic concepts of Economics, choice, scale of preference were also covered.

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