The overall goal of the Centre is to provide opportunities for children, youths and adults that will result in them discovering new pathways that lead to success and fulfillment.
The programs offered are in response to research and study of user needs.  
One of the primary groups that we serve are youths who drop out of high school.  
Young people who drop out of high school are a diverse group. Some will continue their education and get back on track, but many others, including a large share of dropouts from low-income families, will find it extremely hard to make a successful transition to adulthood in a labor market that offers fewer and fewer opportunities for workers with no postsecondary training or education. 
It is also necessary to develop multiple pathways for youth who drop out. Some young dropouts have the interest and aptitude to move into academic postsecondary programs; others would do better in occupationally oriented programs; and still others need special approaches tailored to youth with very low levels of basic skills. Many young people at all skill levels might benefit from opportunities for paid work experience.

Current Activities and Programs
Below are links to the current programs



Future Planned Programs
We are in the process of planning and seeking funding for the following programs:
  • Online CME Training for Doctors
  • College and University Support For Development of Online Courses
  • Website Training and Hosting For Small Businesses
  • Sex Education 
  • Employability 
  • Small Business Training and Microfinance Loans