How You Can Help

There are several ways you can help.  Here is a suggested list:

  • Volunteer - provide counseling / training.  We welcome your interest in providing on-site training.  A wide range of topics are welcome.
  • Help us obtain company / business sponsorships.
  • Bring lunch to the Centre - feed the girls for 1 day.


  • Sponsor access for 1 youth to online courses / tutorials: $10.00 
  • Purchase 50 exercise books: $50.00
  • Transportation and lunch to 40 girls for 1 week: $100
  • Provide a Microfinance loan to 1 girl: $250
  • Staff salaries for 1 month: $500
  • Provide a full scholarship for a girl so she can return to school / college: $800
  • Purchase a computer with software for the lab: $1000



Make a donation today

Make a donation today

If you have a suggestion that is not on the list - please don't hesitate to contact us.