Scholarships & Classes at Creating Pathways Centre

Four ladies at the Centre received scholarships to pay tuition and cover fees.  The ladies were very excited and grateful for the scholarship and support. 

All the ladies at Creating Pathways Centre continued their classes in financial accounting, economics, mathematics and language arts. Computer classes are held at the center two periods and four times a week, the reason being is because we want the ladies to have a thorough understanding in the subject. We told them to study and work hard because each of them are working toward a career.

Creating Pathways Classes

The ladies were encouraged to do their best in the remaining six months of the course.  The following courses are being taught: Computer, Financial Accounting, Language Art, History, Mathematics, Books Distribution and Launching.  In each class, the instructor talked about why the subject was important to the young ladies’ future.

Creating Pathways Computer Lessons

2016 started great for trainees of the Develop Africa Creative Pathways Project. The computer lab with over twenty computers, a projector and giant screen is now functional as classes have commenced this January.  

The ladies are excited to learn computer and take advantage of the facilities available.  Agnes, one of the young ladies in the class, said "Now that I have access to computer,I want to become a computer wizard".  Class participation is very encouraging as questions are often asked by the trainees.


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