Baby Care Helps Moms Return to School

Many young women in Sierra Leone struggle to complete their education.  Pregnant young women have an even greater challenge.  But the greatest struggle is for the young mom  - who has no one to care for her young baby so that she can go to school.

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Creating Pathways Lessons

The girls learned how to Create a Table of Contents in Word 2010.  This included a demonstration and practicals on the following:
1.  Create different levels of headings inside the document.
2. Insert a table of content at the beginning of the document. 
2.  How to Update Table of Contents - headings and page numbers

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March Studies Update at the Centre

The young ladies in the Centre are doing well and working hard. The JSS classes are learning about:

  • multiplication in Mathematics, 
  • prepositions in Language Art, and 
  • types of energy in Integrated Science.

The SSS classes are working on: 

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